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Welcome to UBBC Limited



Developing Artificial Intelligence for the business domain to support decision making and planning.


The mantra understanding builds better commerce reflects a core objective - To deliver concrete increases in performance by allowing organisations to make better use of the knowledge resources that surround them. UBBC Limited was founded by Graham Deane in 2008 to pursue this approach.

Constructing accurate models of knowledge is essential for this goal. However, in any real-word environment, we must accept that some information will be missing or inaccurate. Decision making in the presence of incomplete or inconsistent information remains a very challenging problem.

Automated Reasoning

The Semantic Web initiative is driving a fundamental transition in knowledge representation. Increasingly, information is being made available in machine readable formats and distributed across the web. Unfortunately, collaborative authoring and distributed management of information frequently leads to the introduction of inconsistencies. The need for automated reasoning techniques that can handle these situations is essential.

Current activities


I am researching techniques for knowledge representation and automated reasoning at the Department of Computing, Imperial College in London. My focus of interest is developing non-monotonic reasoning techniques applying Answer Set Programming (ASP) to knowledge represented using the Web Ontology Language (OWL 2)


The university generously awarded me a teaching scholarship, which gives me time within my research degree, to teach and supervise undergraduate and graduate students.


The consultancy business is now largely suspended to allow me to focus on my studies, however I can occasionally fit in short pieces of work. Contact details remain unchanged although please expect to leave a message on voicemail and I'll get back to you when I pick them up.